Tekin Crawler Brushed Motor

Tekin Crawler Brushed Motor

Tekin's 5-Slot Brushed Crawler motors give you ultra-smooth throttle response to tackle the most technical terrain. In any weather, on the rocks or on the trail, the 5-Slot Crawler Motors are Element Proof, reliably powering you through any situation. Torque on tap and smooth throttle control at your fingertips, Tekin 5-Slot Crawler Motors are designed for trail running and top level competition alike.

Pair the Tekin 5 Slot Crawler Motors with one of our Element Proof RX4 or BXR Speed Controllers and take full control of your rig. Precise, ultra-smooth and all-weather ready, you can tackle any terrain any time in any weather. Rain, Snow, Mud or rocks, Tekin powers your adventure.


Voltage Limit: 12T - 3S LiPo
                         16T - 3S Lipo
                         20T - 3S LiPo


Weight: 5.98oz / 169g


Shaft Dimensions: 3.2 (1/8") x 11.3mm


Motor Diameter: 35.85mm / 1.40"


Motor Length: 52.5mm / 2.1"
Max Operating Temperature: 180F / 88C
Bearing Size: 3/8" x 1/8"


Magnet Material: FB9 Ferrite


Armature: 5-Slot Design

Rebuildable: Yes


​ 5-Slot Armature Design
 1 x 3 Wind Pattern

​ Crawler, Rock Race and Trail Rig Specific

​ Dual Precision Ball Bearings

​ Alloy Endbell Heat Sink Plates

​ Gold Plated Copper Solder Tabs and Brush Hoods

​ Adjustable Timing

​ High Torque Specification

​ High Strength Ferrite Magnets

​ Completely Rebuild-able

​ Competition Legal

​ 12T, 16T and 20T Options



​ 1:10 4WD Trail Truck

 1:10 6WD Trail Truck 

​ 1:10 4WD Rock Racer