Servo Winch

Servo Winch

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£15.00Sale Price
Overland RC Servo Winch, made to the highest standard.15kg Dead Lift.Will come with 2m of Overland RC Winch Line in your choice of colour.Our Servo Winches do not come pre-sprayed with waterproof sealant, but this is not difficult to do yourself should you wish, we and many others have submerged the winches into water without any problems - please see the video on our Facebook page of this being demonstrated.We also have a video of how to use a servo winch on our Facebook page - they are fully Plug and Play from the 3rd Channel!Dimensions are approximate but as accurate as possible: body - 4.5cm wide, 6cm wide including mounting tabs, 2.5cm thick, body - 4.6cm long, overall length with spool fitted 6.7cm
Winch Line Colour

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