TBA 2021

UK Scaler Nationals

The UK Scaler Nationals is held at the usual location - Bracken Rocks, Matlock, Derby.

There will be a food stall and trade stands for you to purchase lots of new items!

Camping is available should you need it - please check with organizers before assuming there is spaces left.


Date TBA 2022


Recon G6 UK - Heroes and Villians 

Recon G6 this year is a ??? theme


It is held at the usual place - Leashaw, Matlock. I believe there is Camping available, there will be food stands for you to purchase food and trade stands for you to purchase goodies.

Be prepared whatever the weather and bring wellies and a sun hat!


The link below will take you to the event set up by Recon G6:

Saturday 10th July - 11th July 2021

NWCNW '12 Hour Scaler Funduro'

The North Wales, Cheshire and North West scale and crawler group bring you the 3rd 12HR SCALER 'FUNDURO'


The 12hr Funduro is a charity event with proceeds going to the Bloodwise charity, the cause is very close to the heart of the NWCNW admin.



The 12hr funduro will be held on sat 
10/7/2021 with a fun day on sun 11/7/2021 at Bracken Rocks.


More details are to follow as we organise the event but as a taster of what to expect:

We are hoping for a limited camping area for the Friday and Saturday night for you outdoorsy types.
A scale concourse prior to the start of the funduro 
Charity raffle
Trade stands



Sat 11/7/2020.....The main 12hr endurance event will take place, starting at 8am and finishing around 9pm (time penalty dependent) with a 1 hour lunch break.
The aim will be to complete 12hrs, time penalties will be added for leaving the course for repairs, replacement batteries etc.

If you dont fancy trying the endurance test, your welcome to come and drive the course as much or as little as you like

Sunday 12/7/2020 The course will be open for those of you who want to make a weekend of it


Bracken Rocks, Leeshaw Road, Matlock DE45AS.
Its the site used for the Recon G6, Uk Scaler Nationals and our own Tiny Truck Trial series



Entry fee for the Funduro will be £15 adults and £10 for under 16's including a free strip of raffle tickets PRE-BOOKED
Entries on the gate will be £15 per adult and £10 per under16 without raffle tickets.

The Funduro entry will be on a prior booking and payment basis. Once we have everything in place we will notify you all.

Entry for the Sunday trail day will be £10 per adult, £5 per under 16




Gates open at 6a.m

Concourse entry opens 6.30am, near to the course control hut, prizes awarded during drivers briefing at 7.45 am

8am course opens/event starts
1pm course closes/event suspended

1pm-2pm official lunch break and raffle draw

2pm track re- opens/ event re-starts

9.45pm course closes/ event ends

Drivers will be booked in and out of the course if they need to leave for re-charging /repairs/collecting tools or spares. 
Time off course will be classed as penalties and will be added to your finish time of 9pm

e.g a driver who has amassed 30 mins of time penalties will have a finish time of 9.30pm

There's a maximum time penalty allowance of 45 mins per entrant ( hence the 9.45pm finish). Any one driver incurring more than 45 minutes penalties will not complete the 12hr event.

To keep penalties to a minimum, repairs are allowed on course but please do not block the use of either pathways or the course for other entrants

Toilets will be included in the course area



The course will be marked by ascending numbered gates 1,2,3,4 etc, the left gate marker will be a plain flag, the right marker will be numbered, please keep the right numbered gate on the right hand side of your rig to assure your doing the course in the correct direction.

If you knock over or damage a gate marker please ensure you reinstate the gate marker before moving to the next gate



Event to start at 8 am, endurance drivers will enter the course and can choose a starting gate, please allow a bit of space between yourselves and other drivers, especially groups as they may take sometime to complete a gate/section



Single or groups of drivers, if there's a section your struggling with or your group size is causing other drivers to queue behind you, please allow those drivers past before re-commencing


Basically there is non, the event is open to all scale and crawlers with a maximum track width of 320mm.
The event is a driver/rig endurance event however if there is a terminal issue with a rig or you want to run several rigs in the event you can as spare rigs will incur no penalties



Drivers are responsible for their own means of recharging batteries, either via 12v car/ leisure battery or via 230v generators.

If Lipo's are being charged, please take every reasonable precaution to charge them in a safe manner. A lipo bag or other fireproof container is advised and sensible charge


Please keep the site tidy, we're responsible for any mess left behind. Any rubbish you create please take it home with you


There is plumbed in male and female toilets onsite


We'll endeavor to park you all sensibly so that you can get out when required or in case of emergency however if the parking area is busy blockages may occur


As with most of the scale areas we all run in expect mud/dirt etc around the course, take care when wandering around.

The link below will take you to the event set up by NWCNW: